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Rolli - Much more effective than others dental flosses

Much more effective
than the normal types of dental floss

Rolli - Coloured dental floss

in different colors

Rolli - Child-friendly dental floss

Easy to use
and child-friendly

Much more effective than a normal type of dental floss

Rolli is the innovative system allowing the best and most effective use of the dental floss.
The floss does not slip through fingers and removes in such a way more efficiently the plaque and the food debris.
Rolli allows not to waste floss and is immediately ready for a new use.
Easy to take on trip and recommended, with its different colors, for all family members.
It is so nice that it makes easier the dental hygiene of children.

Rolli innovative dental floss - How to use it

How to use it

Discover the new way
to use the dental floss.

Rolli innovative dental floss - Useful suggestions

Useful suggestions

For a correct
daily oral hygiene.

Rolli innovative dental floss - Discover more

Discover more

All the innovation of Rolli.
Point by point.

All the innovation of Rolli

Rolli - All innovation

Why it is innovative

More effective

Thanks to the innovative patented design, Rolli can reach the most difficult points easily, cleaning more effectively than a normal dental floss.

More functional

With Rolli the dental floss does not slip from your fingers and all waste is prevented.

More yours

Thanks to the different colours every family member can choose his own.

More child-friendly

Rolli makes easy and funny the use of the dental floss also for small children.

Instructions for use

Rolli - How to use - Step 1

Pull the floss from the dispenser below keeping the Rolli with the smile towards you and pulling about 30 cm of floss.

Rolli - How to use - Step 2

Wrap the floss near the dispenser around the colored right half-ball for 3/4 times.

Rolli - How to use - Step 3

Tend the floss on the fork firmily.

Rolli - How to use - Step 4

Wrap the floss around the colored left half-ball 3/4 times. Rolli is now ready to be used.

Rolli - How to use - Step 5

Once used unwrap the floss from the left half-ball and cut it, keeping the rest wrapped around the right half-ball. For the following uses, pull the remaining floss and then repeat the operations.

Useful suggestions

Healthy teeth since when young

To have good teeth when adults, it is important to start taking care of teeth since when young.

Cleaning very carefully teeth at least twice a day is a good habit to adopt since the very early years of age. The first rule is to give a good example! The second one is to teach children how to do it: standing behind them, tilt gently their head and take the same position you have when brushing teeth. To make this more pleasant you can also choose a toothpaste with a flavour your child likes.

Deciduous and permanent teeth
After eating
Cleaning between teeth
Gums protection
Cleaning the tongue
Healthy diet
Best instruments for oral hygiene
Regular dental check-ups
The right way to brush

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